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Specialist Residential Property Consultancy

Our consulting practice is different to most, because we:-

  • Charge reasonable fees!
  • Don't charge by the hour, just by the day. If that's a 10-hour day, so be it.
  • Make sure we add value, and not simply do what someone else in your organisation could.
  • Believe consultancy is interim, not year in/year out; so we equip you with the information, training and tools you require so you don't need us again!
  • Recognise when you don't need us any more; we only want to help you when you require our help.

Consultants can be very helpful to businesses. Ours is all about delivering you increased business to you, and doing this in a way that you can measure.

How can we help you?
We offer a variety of services, tailored specifically to your needs:-

Speaking at Events

Kate has great credibility with consumers; as the author of Which? books on buying, selling, investing, renting, letting and renovating, she really understands what they are thinking and how they work. She also establishes a great rapport with them from the start.

Kate can bring an industry event to life. Maybe you have an internal event and you want a vibrant and diverting speaker to help motivate your colleagues, or to help them to better understand why consumers do what they do. This can lead to your personnel doing things differently so that everyone has a better experience - and it may help create new and improved products and services.

For references and testimonials, and to discuss how Kate could enrich your event, Contact Us.

Review your Sales and Marketing Material
As experts on how consumers shop and make decisions when carrying out a property project, we can quickly and efficiently read and recommend changes to your sales and marketing material.

We can even run role-plays based on how your sales team sells to consumers, or review scripts. Often we find that property companies operate on an 'inside-out' basis, in other words, the sales pitch is all about your company, and not about talking to consumers in the language that they understand and want you to use. 

With our help can make sure:-

  1. You have a competitive edge.
  2. Your sales team love the job they do.
  3. Your customers love to work with you. 

Sales Forecasting & Competitive Analysis 
It is vital for any business to be able to understand how you stack up compared to your competition and each month you need to know how much business you are likely to bring in for the rest of the year - and even up to five years in the future!

You can't accurately assess yourselves or your employees against the competition - you are only human and will be too biased! It's only natural. However, as we are impartial and work only from the consumer's perspective, we spot ideas and opportunities that no-one else will.

Business Strategy
Most property companies write one-to five-year plans. Alas, few follow them! We can help if you are keen to:-

  1. Rapidly grow your business
  2. Secure consumer trust 
  3. Create profitable new products and services

Then we can help! We are experts at competitive strategy and consumer behaviour, as well as in launching new products and services.

For more information about how we can help you, Contact Us.

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