Member organisations play an essential role in an unregulated property market full of cowboys

publication date: Apr 17, 2014
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

Member organisations play an essential role in an unregulated property market full of cowboys

As a consumer of many property services over the years I have found it incredibly difficult to choose the right expert to carry out a property project for or with me.

What I’ve learned though is that pretty much every trade and service either legally has to belong to a member scheme such as estate agents belonging to a property ombudsman or an electrician belonging to an organisation such as NAPIT.

The problem is there are so many in the property industry, all of whom seem to operate very differently. Some have budgets to raise their profile with consumers, while others seem to think it’s up to consumers to come to them and their only job on behalf of members is to ‘lobby’ government on their behalf.

That’s why I set up to bring together property member organisations so, together, we can reach consumers to ensure:-

  1. They know how to choose an expert to carry out their property project
  2. We keep consumers up to date with latest rules and regulations
  3. If anything goes wrong, there is a free, independent, third party complaints system

And I’m thrilled to say the idea is starting to work, so the next step to me is all member organisations need to start to work together to help advise their members and clients where to find experts for ‘other jobs’.

If all members of property organisations not only promoted their own organisation, but helped clients to find members of organisations with similar values, then we have a really powerful tool against cowboys and rogue traders.

And with the Easter weekend upon us, these are the perfect guys and girls to send your clients to, to make sure the job they have done is done well!

To date, we have had great support for checklists from:-

So if you are thinking about carrying out any work on your property, your clients or you need someone for expert comment, then please, support the ‘good guys’ in the market!

Have a great Easter! 

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